The Homestretch


November has been a very busy month.

Most people think the election ends on Election Day. Not so in our state. Immediately following Election Day, the KCGOP began Ballot Rehab operations in the 5th and 30th Legislative Districts. The margins in the 5th Senate and 30th House races were tight. Helping our voters who have problems with their returned ballots is a sure way to pick up additional votes. It is also very labor intensive. Although we did not fix enough ballots to change the outcome, both Chad Magendanz and Teri Hickel came very close. Any other year we would be celebrating their victories.

Also in November, the 45th Legislative District and the KCGOP met to recommend appointees for the Senate vacancy due to the passing of Andy Hill in that district. After much organization, the meeting took place November 19th, the next weekend after Senator Hill’s memorial service. The Candidate Selection Committee chose three names, in the following order: Dino Rossi, Toby Nixon and Joel Hussey. The County Council has scheduled a meeting to decide the appointment on December 5th. In a little over a months time, the KCGOP will have a Senator ready to get to work in Olympia.

Finally, with KCGOP Leadership elections have been on the horizon, those of us running for party office visited all districts at four regional meetings to share our vision for the next term. Last evening was the final meeting in Auburn. Thank you all for your hospitality and interesting conversation over the last few weeks.

Now we are in the homestretch where we will meet this Saturday to form the organization and elect the leaders for the next two years…for our great party, the King County GOP.

See you there!

Regional Meetings…


Last Monday was great fun to speak with the 5th District PCOs and Activists at their Election-end Celebration. As always, Ramzy’s personally roasted coffee was a big hit. All candidates who ran for Legislature were in attendance and so was Bruno Kelpsas who ran the King County side of the Trump Campaign. Thank you for the hospitality.

Tonight, the 36th, 37th, 43rd, and 46th Districts will host the third regional GOP meetings at Concordia Lutheran School in Seattle. I look forward to the meeting and visiting with the Seattle PCOs. And tomorrow, the south county districts will host leadership candidates at the Truitt Building in Auburn.

It is because of you that we are a strong, organized party ready for the next term. Over the last few weeks, I have enjoyed being able to speak with you about how far we’ve come and where we will go with a Republican President and Congress.




Morning smile…


The KCGOP has some of the most creative, thoughtful activists…anywhere. Today I was surprised to find a pic on my Facebook page created by Apollo Fuhriman to support my re-election for chair. How cool is that! I immediately set it as my Facebook profile picture.

Thank you Apollo.


PCO Newsletter and Thanksgiving…


In 2015, the KCGOP began a PCO Newsletter exclusively for PCOs and PCs with a report from the KCGOP Chair about important happenings at the county party and what was in store for us in the coming months. Also included was a WSRP update from our State Committeeman, Mathew Patrick Thomas and State Committeewoman, Darlene Hamilton; a report from the KCGOP Executive Director; and a Calendar. It has been a positive addition to our communications. All previous newsletters are stored on the PCO Portal along with other important tools and documents.

Today was the last PCO Newsletter for the term. It was about being thankful. In the rough and tumble of politics it is important to take a moment, to pause and reflect on what is good…

PCO Newsletter November 23, 2016

One of the hats I wear is “Head Cheerleader” of the King County Republican. It’s a hat I wear with gusto because I believe the Republican Party represents the values to best guide our government and our communities. I am proud to be a Republican and have been grateful for the opportunity to serve as your Chair.

As I sit at my desk today, on this day before Thanksgiving, it seems to me a right time to reflect on what is good in our world and to share my Republican thankfuls with you.

  • I am thankful…for your service to the KCGOP. Being a Republican in King County brings challenges few other Republicans outside our county understand. Republican PCOs in King County are the hardest working, most dedicated Republicans anyone will ever know. You are the best!
  • I am thankful…for our outstanding Republican candidates. There are no easy races in King County for Republican candidates. There is never a sure thing for us. It is not uncommon for a race here to be won or lost by a few hundred votes.
  • I am thankful…additionally, that our amazing candidates force the Democrat Party to campaign in King County rather than use King County as an ATM for their races in other counties. Every ounce of energy or dollar spent here means the democrats must “spread their wealth” a little thinner.
  • I am thankful…for our Republican elected officials who work to represent Republican Party values in our government and in our laws. Not only is getting elected tough, BEING elected can be even tougher.
  • I am thankful…for the unbelievably dedicated staff of the KCGOP – Arthur Whitten, Sarah Sheedy and Jazmine Hand. When they came to work at the KCGOP, all three pledged to serve through this past election and have lived up to their promise. They will be leaving at the end of this month. I wish them the very best.
  • I am thankful…Republicans hold 2/3 US Legislatures, 34 Governorships, a majority in the US Senate and House of Representatives, that we elected a Republican President with the power to nominate Supreme Court candidates who will preserve the court for generations to come.

Most of all, I am thankful for the blessings we enjoy in the greatest nation on Earth, the United States of America.

Happy Thanksgiving

This is why we fight…


Welcome to the real Red Line!

Over the last eight years, Republicans have been gaining majorities in counties across the nation. The map above demonstrates the red-ness of the United States. Not only did Republicans add to their margins in red counties we also picked up counties that solidly voted for Barack Obama.

Look at how the Red Line translates to the government of our United States:

  • 2/3 of all state Legislatures are Republican
  • 34 Governorships are Republican
  • US Senate is majority Republican
  • US House of Representatives is majority Republican
  • Our President is Republican
  • And this past election, the Supreme Court was saved from DECADES of far left liberal philosophy by Republicans

That’s what a Red Line looks like…Republican!

Our fight here in King County makes a difference across the state, too. Millions of dollars are raised here for Republican party and campaign activities in Washington State. In King County, our candidates are the best of the best, which means the Democrats must spend their dollars here AND in other counties and legislative districts. Our way of making sure Democrats spread their wealth! Our strong county party organization holds the line against the liberals, as part of a the larger state party effort doing an amazing job pushing back Democrats to turn Washington State RED.



Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment


One of the most recognized, and meaningful, quotes for Republicans is Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment, “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.” To me it means that we speak with veracity and respect for one another in our discussions and debates without engaging in personal attacks to make our point. When Republicans stick to our issues in debate, without attacking each other, we always come to our best conclusions.

As I visit your districts to discuss with you the future of our party and it’s leadership, I will have in mind Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment, and I will continue to engage in a positive way. I invite the other candidates running for KCGOP Chair do the same.


We’re off and running…


Yesterday was the first of five Regional GOP District Meetings for candidates running for leadership positions in the KCGOP. It is a great opportunity to visit with as many PCOs as possible ahead of the Organization Meeting.

It wasn’t that long ago that all sixteen districts would hold meetings in November and every candidate would have to visit each meeting ahead of the Organization Meeting. I remember those grueling days, and am very glad to have the regional format where candidates can spend quality time visiting with PCOs.

A great big THANK YOU to the 1st, 41st, 45th, and the 48th Legislative District GOP organizations for welcoming all the candidates who attended to talk about their vision for the King County Republican Party. I was especially glad to share the some highlights of the last two years….

  • Our county party is financially strong: Your county party blew up fundraising goals. We exceeded income over the last term by more than 60%. It was the best fundraising term in decades.
  • Our candidates are the best prepared: We developed new tools and policies to support candidates early in their campaigns. We’ve worked with the best candidate training school in the Northwest, JDLI, to start candidates off on the right track.
  • Our voter outreach was solid: Boots on the ground and callers on the phones exceeded all goals with hundreds of thousands of voter contacts and new voter IDs.
  • Our grassroots are well trained: PCO and PCs received a variety of trainings and orientations on canvassing, caucuses and convention, and using social media.

Building on the successes of the last term, I am optimistic about the KCGOP. In the weeks leading up to the Organization Meeting, I look forward to discussions about how far we’ve come and where we can go in the future!